Exciting Nightlife in Greensboro

The nightlife in Greensboro is flourishing! It is a one-stop fun filled place. From Irish pub, going for a dance, or even listening to the best music has to offer, the nightlife in Greensboro has it all and much more. It should be noted that the lawful age for taking liquor in North Carolina is 21. Alcoholic drinks can be served until 2 AM both daylight and standard time. On Sundays, no alcoholic beverages are bought before 12 noon. All the Nightlife establishments that do not serve meals on the buildings must charge a membership payment for entrance. The following are some of Greensboro nightlife category of venues:

1618 Wine Lounge

The 1618 wine lounge is a young, casual, and fun place. It combines artisan cocktails, new world wines and expertise beers with original tiny like tuna tartare filled watermelon mixed with lemon dressed greens and three cream brie. People with a big appetite can try the pan-parched truffle fritters, demi-glace, a fried egg that is topped with hollandaise. 1618 has a variety of more than 50 skilled and flavor classes running from dark and rich to light and golden prepare foreign beers. There is no sparing in regards to the desserts at this spot. The lemon brownie combined ice cream or a unique floating rose with local berry sorbet is something not to skip.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse offers a variety of special nightly beverages and live music that adds the mood of this club. The clubhouse has a gaming area usually foosball and darts and a dance floor. It plays different genres of music from reggae and jazz to rock and pop. It is an attractive nightspot and an excellent location to chill out after a hectic day. Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company. This company was created out of a great passion of beer, a longing to feel an absolute inner sense of community, also an aspiration to give back to the development of Greensboro. There is no better approach to take root in the nightlife of Greensboro than with beer. The place has a great in the vicinity made snacks like; Chad’s Carolina Corn, Nuts, and Hops.

Inferno:  Inferno is positioned on the downtown side of Greensboro. It is a place designed to take you back in time. The disco is a clear indication of the 70’s decorated with beaded hangings, lava lights, transparent balls and the amazing dance floor that is illuminated in the night with a colorful design. Additionally, the music played at Inferno is from the 70’s, 80’s, and initial 90’s.

Limelight:  This is by far one of its kind nightclub in North Carolina. It has three distinctive levels and for sure nothing ordinary about it. Limelight is the essence of nightlife in Greensboro. It offers a list of choices for any event. The bar entails a much laid-back setting providing karaoke, enough seats, jukebox tunes and much more. It has a unique club where you can show-off all of your dance moves. Furthermore, it has a remarkable rooftop. The VIP section is located here if you prefer parting in seclusion, or simply just be among the people who are never going to forget the night. Indeed, the nightlife in Greensboro is sufficient to awe anyone.

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